Overview of existing extensions

Below is an overview of some of the official and third-party open-source Extensions available.

Official Extensions

All official extensions are developed and mantained by Frederik Berlaen, and can be downloaded from github.


An interactive palette to apply thickness to Bezier strokes, and expand them into nicely overlapping contours ready for interpolation.

Tiny Drawbot

A special version of DrawBot which runs inside the font editor, with access to active font objects and RoboFont’s APIs.

Ramsay Street


Pixel Tool

A vector brush to draw with squares, circles, or any shape in another glyph (with components). The RoboFont equivalent of my old PixelBrush for FontLab.

Shape Tool

A simple tool to draw rectangles and circles.

Third-party extensions


An extension to download and update other extensions. Developed by Jack Jennings.

Available on github.

Interpolated Nudge

An adaptation of the classic Interpolated Nudge script by Christian Robertson. Developed by Travis Kochel.

Available here.

Scaling Edit Tool

Another variation of Interpolated Nudge, this time implemented as a RoboFont tool. Developed by Timo Klaavo.

Available on github.

Curve Equalizer



A tool to visualize curvature and speed in glyph outlines. Developed by Yanone.

More information and licence here.







Overlay UFOs


Italic Bow-Tie


Random Word Generator