Miscallaneous PreferencesΒΆ

The Misc section of the Preferences window collects all User default settings that are not related to a specific task.

Single Window Mode Switch between single window mode or multi window mode.
Maximum Tools in Toolbar Set the maximum amount of tools in the glyph view toolbar.
Mark Colors Manage mark colors.
Test Install Options Manage if test installed fonts are auto hinted and being remove overlapped.
Test Install Format Choose the test install format: otf or ttf
Use embedde FDK for font generation Switch between the embedded FDK or a local installed version of FDK.
Save FDK parst next to UFO Save all files used by FDK makeotf next the UFO, so they can be checked afterwards.
Auto save Auto save each 10 minutes into a chosen directory.
Automatically Check for updates Check automatically for updates during start up.
Warn when leaving RoboFont with unsaved fonts Makes the RoboFont icon jump when there are unsaved fonts if RoboFont gets inactive.