Editing Tool


A tool to edit existing glyph data.

Point Selection
click (no selection) deselect all
click drag (no selection) select all points in selection marque
click point select point
click shift toggle selected points
click drag moves the selected points
click drag shift moves the selected points on x, y or 45° axis
click drag alt if the points does not have a bcp it creates one other wise it will un-smooth the point and only move the on curve point
click drag control copies the selection while dragging
click drag alt (single bcp selection) bcp becomes not smooth
click drag alt command (single bcp selection) bcp becomes smooth and the bcp values are mirror on the other bcp is there is one.
command drag smooth point
  • if selection is an oncurve point it will be moved over the handles
  • if off curve point the handle will be moved in the same direction as the handle
join / close contour if contour is open and first or last on curve point is dragged on top of another first or last on curve point the contour are joined or close
tab jump to the next oncurve point
Segment Selection
click select segment
click shift add segment to selection
click drag (single segment selection) move the selected segments around
click drag alt (single segment selection)
  • for line segment: create curve segment (adds two bcps)
  • for curve semgent: drag the handles around. (this will un-smooth your on curve points)
click drag command (single segment selection)
  • for line segment: move the selected segment around
  • for curve segments: the bcp are following the handle direction
click drag shift (single segment selection) all points fixed are on x, y or 45°, works also with alt and command down
click drag control copy the selected segment during drag
command alt (no selection) add point on contour
Contour Selection
double click select contour
click drag (in/on selection) move the selection
click drag shift (in/on selection) move the selection on x, y or 45°
Component Selection
click select the component
click shift toggles the component selection
drag move the components around
drag shift move the components on x, y or 45°
triple click (in the component) to the base glyph to edit

Copy Paste

selection copies the selection from the current glyph
from glyph editor paste the copied selection into the current glyph
from font collection paste the copied selection into the current glyph
from illustrator paste the copied selection into the current glyph

Contextual Menus

Right Click no selection
Add Component Opens an Add Component sheet.
Add Anchors Opens an Add Anchor sheet.
Reverse Reverse the whole glyph.
Remove Overlap Removes overlaps the whole glyph.
Auto Contour order Tries to order the contours.
Add Extreme Points Adds extreme points.
Corrent Directions (PS) Corrects contour direction to postscript directions.
Corrent Directions (TT) + alt Corrects contour direction to truetype directions.
Lock Guides Locks all guides in RoboFont.
Lock Images Locks all images in RoboFont.
Copy To Layer List all available layers to copy to.
Copy To Layer + alt List all available layers to swap to.
Right Click with selection
Reverse Reverse the only the selected contours.
Remove Overlap Removes overlaps only the selected contours.
Labels Add labels to the selected points.
Right Click on point
Break Contour Breaks the contour at the selected point.
Reverse Reverse the whole glyph.
Set Start Point Set the selected point as starting point.
Right Click glyph contains a component
Component -> Go to Jump to glyph with.
Component -> Go to + alt Decompose component with base glyph.
Component -> Decompose selected Decompose selected components.
Component -> Decompose All Decompose all components.
Right Click on Anchor
Name Set name for the selected anchor.
Right Click on Guide (see Guides)
Right Click on Image (see Images)