Write your Open Type features using the Adobe feature syntax in the UFO file. See also Tal Leming‘s Open Type Cookbook.

Note: If you are using Kern Center or MetricsMachine, your kerning is added automatically to the features, you should not define a kerning feature here. If you have defined a kern feature in the feature file, then this will be used instead of the kerning set in the UFO file.

A feature editor accepts drag and drop of .fea files. The dropped files will be inserted as include(path/of/the/dropped/feature/file.fea).

External Feature Editor

RoboFont support .fea as a file format. Double click a .fea file will open the feature file in a separate feature editor which is not connected to a UFO.


New Feature

Create a new feature document. This is feature document is not connected to a UFO file. It will be saved as .fea file.

Insert In Fonts Pop up a sheet to add the feature text to the selected fonts.
Save Save the feature file.
Reload Reload the feature file from disk.

Export Feature

Export the features from the current font to a .fea file.