Application Menu

About Show about window.
Preferences Show preferences window.
Hide RoboFont Hide RoboFont.
Hide Others Hide all other open applications except RoboFont.
Show All Bring all RoboFont windows to the front.
Quit RoboFont Quit RoboFont.
New Create a new working document.
Open Open a file that RoboFont can read. (see Opening Fonts, Scripting)
Save Save the current document.
Save As... Save the current document with a different name.
Save All Save all open documents.
Close Close current document
Revert to saved Open a revert to saved sheet (see Saving Fonts)
Generate Font Generate a font binary (see Binary font files)
Test Install Test Install the current document for the current user (see Binary font files)
Features ⇢ New Feature Opens a feature window to write OpenType features. The features aren’t attached to any font. It can be exported to all ope
Features ⇢ Export Feature Export/save the features from the current font to a .fea file
Undo Undos the selected object(s)
Redo Redos the selected object(s)
Cut Cut the selected object(s)
Copy Copies the selected object(s)
Copy As Component Copies the selected glyph as component
Paste Paste into the selected view, object
Delete Deletes the selected object(s)
Select All Selete all possible objects
Add Glyphs Shows an Add Glyphs sheet (see Adding And Deleting Glyphs)
Font Info Shows the Font Info sheet (see Font Info)
Sort Shows the Sort sheet (see Sort)
Next Glyph Jumps to the next glyph
Previous Glyph Jumps to the previous glyph
Editing Makes the Editing tool active (see Editing Tool)
Drawing Makes the Drawing tool acitve (see Bezier Tool)
Slice Makes the Slice tool active (see Slice Tool)
Transform Toggles the selection of the whole glyph into transform mode (see Transform)
Lock Guides Locks guides (see Guides)
Lock Sidebearings Locks the side bearings
Lock Images Locks images (see Images)
Show Measurement Info Enable visibility of the measurements info (see Measurement Tool)
layer ⇢ Layer Up Jumps layer up (see Layers)
Layer ⇢ Layer Down Jumps layer down
Layer ⇢ New Layer Create new layer
Scripting Window Opens a new scripting window (see Scripting)
Jump to line Pops up a jump to line window
Output window Opens the output window
Run Executes the current python script
Comment Comment out the selected lines
Uncomment Uncomment the selected lines
Indent Indent the selected lines
Dedent Dedent the selected lines
Extensions builder Opens the extension builder (see Building Extensions)
Write some scripts If you havent wrote a script of set the default python resource folder to an empty one you will see ‘Write some Scripts’, other wise it will create a menu of all *.py files in the selected folder. (see Extensions Preferences, Python Preferences)
Inspector Toggles Inspector (see Inspector)
Space center Toggles Space Center (see Space Center)
Minimize Minimize the current window
Full screen If possible use the current window in full screen
Zoom in Zoom in
Zoom out Zoom out
Zoom to fit Zoom to fit
Bring all to front Bring all Windows to the front
Documentation A link to the Documentation ;)