How to install

For Windows and MacOS there are easy-to-use TTX installers. The rest if this document is meant for people who want to use TTX/FontTools from the source.

You need the following software:


The fresh versions as well as older versions (You need 2.0 or higher) can be downloaded from:

or here:

Windows: grab the Windows installer, run the full install. Un*x: follow the build instructions. MacOS: grab the installer, run “Easy Install”

The numpy extension


Now run the “” script from the FontTools archive. This will install all the modules in the right places, as well as tries to compile the one (optional) C extension contained in FontTools. On Unix it also installs the “ttx” command line tool. This tool can also be used on Windows, but might need some fiddling.

For instructions how to build a standalone Windows installer, see Windows/README.TXT. Thanks a LOT to Adam Twardoch for this essential contribution.